A Crazy Fan Spray-Paints A Giant Love Note For Madonna. More Like Crazy Romantic!


The scariest thing about being a mega-celebrity like Madonna must be the one unhinged stalker you are bound to get at some point in your career. That or being accidentally crushed under your giant pile of Grammys and $1,000 bills. Yesterday a crazed fan spray-painted love notes outside Madonna’s New York apartment, and we will say, he is not shy about telling a girl how he really feels.

Retired firefighter Robert Linhart was arrested for criminal mischief after he painted a series of large signs and propped them up near the apartment, including one that read, “M, the Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please XXX.” The world is his Missed Connections page! We think maybe Madonna should give this offer some consideration. So things never really panned out with Jesus Luz or A-Rod; at least Robert has a fireman’s pension, poetry in his soul, and metal bars surrounding him so he can’t break up with you and start dating Kate Hudson whenever he wants. Just something to think about.

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