Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen’s Divorce Is Getting Uglier By The Minute


Red Is The Color Of Anger, You Know!rnrnTrue story! Before I worked here at VH1, I was an editor for Vulture, which is New York magazine’s entertainment vertical*. In the halcyon days of January 2009, I wrote a brief post called “Fred Armisen Making Time With Peggy Olson” when I first heard the news that the SNL funny man was dating Elisabeth Moss. And you know what? Less than an hour later, I received an email from none other than Fred himself, a missive which: A) Thanked me for writing a nice piece and B) Explained how in love he was with “Lizzie.” Of course, this endeared me even more to them as a couple, a couple who I already felt was bringing more goodness into the world than evil. (As someone who writes about celebrities for a living, believe me, I rarely feel this way.)rnrnSo, naturally, it came as a total bummer when I read last month that the couple was calling it quits after just seven months of wedded bliss. But hey, these things happen, the two of them would surely play nice in the sandbox and peacefully move on with their lives, right? Wrong-o.rnrnrnrnOver the last few weeks, a number of anonymous sources have come forward to say that the chief reason for the break up was the bride’s devotion to Scientology. However, it appears that Elisabeth Moss’s camp is none too happy with these stories that they claim were planted by Armisen’s pals in an effort to divert attention away from his burgeoning relationship with Abby Elliott. So they struck back by contacting Popeater’s Rob Schruter, telling him that “[Moss] is heartbroken that Fred’s friends have run to the press leaking nasty stories about her and her beliefs when everyone knows Fred was the problem in this marriage … If these attacks on her continue, the real truth will come out and it isn’t going to be pretty.”rnrnBack where we come from, thems fightin’ words! But also, these nasty sentiments beg to be deciphered. What is the “real truth”? Why was Fred “the problem in the marriage”? And, most importantly, what OT Level is Moss? But seriously, we’re even more torn about this than Natalie Imbruglia. You see, there’s part of us that hopes that these two can just quietly work it out and move on with their lives, but there’s another part that hopes all of the dirt comes out. Which side will prevail? Only the gossip rags will tell!rnrn*Don’t know what that means? Ask Alex Blagg.rnrn[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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