Katy Perry’s Cleavage Is Not A Lesson Sesame Street Wants To Teach Just Yet



Katy Perry is too hot for Sesame Street. A video, released on YouTube by Sesame Street two days ago featuring Perry and Elmo singing a re-worked version of “Hot ‘N Cold”, has been removed and will not air on the show, after some parents deemed it too racy. We’d show you the video but it’s been scoured from the internet – TMZ has an abridged version you can watch though. And the photo above, which is one of Katy’s TwitPics, shows the raunchy outfit in question.

The video was shot all the way back in March, which means that producers had six months to watch it and in that time, they never considered it inappropriate. Frankly, we don’t see what the big deal is – cleavage is everywhere in the real world. Yes, this is Sesame Street and they are a children’s show and have certain obligations, but we don’t think they crossed a line here. We’re willing to bet that parents who are up in arms about this probably let their kids watch Dancing With The Stars, and those outfits make Katy’s dress look positively wholesome. Tell us, do you think her look too hot for PBS, or are people overreacting?

[Photo: Katy Perry/TwitPic]

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