Sexism Doesn’t Just Affect The Ladies: Only $30,000 For Vinnie To Get Naked In Playgirl?



Somebody get Gloria Allred on the phone! Jersey Shore’s Vinnie has been visited with a huge injustice…and an even more massive solution. Vinnie Guadagnino was offered $30,000 to pose naked in Playgirl after rumors of his mammoth manhood started circulating. Friends with benefits Snooki once described their midnight encounters as “putting a watermelon in a pinhole”, which sounds exactly like the type of thing we would shell out the price of Playgirl to see. But $30,000? That is an outright insult, and a slap to the face to dudes everywhere. While, that’s barely even enough to cover a side boob in J-Woww’s Playboy deal!

To sweeten the pot Playgirl has also offered to drop some cash at CloneAWilly to create a sex toy from a mold of Vinnie’s unit. If they sell well, this could be the thing that rockets Vinnie past his 15 minutes of fame. Maybe he can finagle a spot as Wawa’s Classic Hoagie spokesperson and start hawking his own $5 footlong. He’ll be like Jared Fogel, but with more tattoos and fewer other job prospects. Either way, he’s still looking good. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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