The Situation, Episode 2: Attack Of The Grenades



That’s the thing about grenades, man: once they’re launched, you never know exactly where they are going to land. The Situation is learning that the hard way, as one of the women depicted as a grenade, or “lady beast”, in his iPhone video game is enraged to find out what her picture is being used for.  First The Situation can’t patent his nickname, and now this? At least we have GTL, baby. They can’t take that away from us.

Part of  The Situation’s iPhone app, Grenade Dodger requires the player to avoid unattractive women, so to get the gritty realism desirable in an iPhone app, Sitch’s crew went to the clubs to snap photos of “3’s and 4’s”, using those photos to provide the game with the requisite elephants and uggos…all without the women knowing they were going to be grenade-ified. We also took a peek at the ladies they used; if the Situation thinks those girls are beneath him, he has not looked in a mirror recently (well, above the neck anyway).

Things were going well until one of the women caught wind of the game, sources say, and “While the girls did know their photos were being taken, they were unaware they were about to become official grenades. It came as a complete surprise and at least one of them is now considering her legal options.” The Situation really blew this one. He was trying to avoid them, but now he’s about to find out what it’s like to have a mob of grenades coming at him from all sides! Batten down the hot tub; it’s going to be a long winter. [Photo: Getty Images]

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