Meet Mackenzie Foy: Can Breaking Dawn’s Newest Star Handle The Fame And Frenzy?



Mackenzie Foy‘s life is about to get a whole lot sparkle-y-er (look, a new word!). The lovely child/actress model has landed the role of Renesmee in the final Twilight movie Breaking Dawn, and will play Kristen Stewart (photos) and Robert Pattinson‘s (photos) rapidly aging half-vamp offspring. Not bad for a nine-year-old kid whose biggest credit thus far seems to be playing “Little Girl” on Til Death.

While Mackenzie has clearly hit the jackpot, there are a few things she needs to navigate over the 6 month shoot.

  • Playing the child love interest of a werewolf. Yes, we know Jacob imprints on her and isn’t a child molester or anything, but still it’s creepy-deepy. It’s a big story-line to handle for an actor of any age, much less a nine year old.
  • Her new-found fame. Mackenzie is essentially playing the 4th most important role in Twilight, behind Bella, Edward and Forks High School receptionist Mrs. Cope. That’s a lot of pressure for a tiny lady. Luckily she has fellow child actor and movie mom Kristen Stewart around to mentor her.
  • The paparazzi. Will they stalk her outside of soccer practice and track her every move? Answer: no doubt.
  • The drama! What does Mackenzie think of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doing the secret nasty? Does she even know what the nasty is? She better get some sex education quick, because inquiring minds want to know what she thinks – the first being Nikki Reed, natch.

As long as she can get through the trials and tribulations of going from unknown to superstar faster than you can say “dazzling,” Mackenzie should be all set. We wish the little lady the best! And for the rest of you hungry to see her in action, please enjoy the first ever (as far as we can tell) Mackenzie Foy fan video, below.


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