50 Cent Feels Like A “Fat Boy,” Has Love/Hate Relationship With Cake


50 Cent still loves you like a fat kid love cake, except now he actually love cake a little bit more. Tweeting that he feels like a “fat boy”, 50 Cent has been sounding an awful lot like Cathy on his Twitter recently, grouching “I’m going to the gym I’m not but I feel like a fat boy I’m so use to training. When I take a few days of I start thinking I’m a blimp lol. I watch people over train all the time I only work out 45min my diet changes everything you have to do both.” Let’s see…moping about being a blimp, not going to the gym, and complaining about it to your friends on Twitter: yup, 50 Cent is officially a tenth-grade girl.

As you may recall, the rapper dropped an insane number of pounds this spring for his role in Things Fall Apart, going from 214lbs to 160lbs in two months. In our opinion, 50 looks excellent now that he weights more than Amy Winehouse after a long weekend. We just hope 50 Cent’s guidance counselor thinks to take him aside after Chemistry and reminds him that he is beautiful, just the way he is. [Photo: ThisIs50/]

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