Breaking News! Katherine Heigl = Still Awful


Ugh, is there anyone alive that’s more insufferable than Katherine Heigl? After winning turns on Grey’s Anatomy and the feature film Knocked Up back in the halcyon days of 2007, she rocketed from Roswell third banana to America’s Sweetheart™ status in near-record time. Since then, though, there has been nary a person that she has come in contact with that she hasn’t alienated in some fashion: Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, the entire cast/crew of Grey’s, and her co-workers on the set of The Ugly Truth and Killers all count themselves among the throngs who see her as the living, breathing embodiment of Cruella de Vil. And as if there weren’t enough evidence to support the fact that she’s a divalicious monster, this weekend’s New York Times profile of Heigl starts off like this:

An unsmiling Katherine Heigl, at work on a new movie in this Pittsburgh suburb in August, stepped out of a chauffeured black S.U.V. and strode onto the set. She briskly filmed her scene and decamped to her air-conditioned trailer. “I admit that I’m particular about the way I work,” she said, stopping to stare at a stuffed rabbit on the floor. She continued her thought, but not before giving the bunny a swift kick.

Need more evidence? Please, follow along to catch some highlowlights of her appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman earlier this week.

If you take the time to digest the New York Times piece — it’s a pretty good hate-read — you’ll learn that Heigl’s publicist actually fired her (!). That explains why Heigl, ostensibly on Letterman to promote her new movie Life As We Know It, took a full two minutes of her time with Dave to complain about her nic fits and teaching him how to OPERATE AN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE, a move which has made her the darling of the nascent e-cigarette industry. Now THAT’S a worthwhile use of your time on a nationally televised talk show. Ugh, just UGH!

Then again, what do we know? Can anyone make the case that Heigl’s just misunderstood, little more than a hellraiser hellbent on blazing the trail of individuality? We’re willing to listen, of course, but it’s gonna take a really solid case to convince us. If you’d rather just pile on, though, we’d love that, too.

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