Electric Pizza Acid Test: The Olsen Twins Gimme Pizza! Song Slowed Down


A very special notice to all of our readers who suffer from acid flashbacks: This is just a video. Specifically, the Olsen Twins Gimme Pizza! music video of yesteryear in slow motion. Made for fun. Please don’t freak out, Helen Hunt style, upon viewing this. I say this, because I understand why you would. It is the exact opposite of the dream-like mellifluous sounds of Beiber in slo mo. Because it is the stuff of nightmares.

Olsen Twins, I respect you. No slo mo.

It sort of sounds like Digital Underground. Or maybe the direct inspiration for Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch (What up, Deltron 3030 fans!) but, you know, frightening. It’s almost as if this is a brainwash secret message situation.

In other news, I could really use some pizza with a bunch of gross toppings-OMG!!

Thanks, Urlesque!

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