Fantasia: “I Was Born Before The Disney Movie”



Fantasia is either over 70-years-old or unaware of her Disney history. In a recent interview with MSN TV, Fantasia was asked if she was named after the Disney movie she shares a name with. The Fantasia for Real star’s answer? “I was born before the Disney movie.” (She added that she was named after the fantasia crystal.) The movie Fantasia, of course, dates back to 1940 (it was the third feature-length Disney movie after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio). Instead of saying, “Oh, you must be confused by its many theatrical rereleases,” or, “Fantasia 2000 was not the first Fantasia, as the modifying date suggests,” the interviewer followed up the question with, “Were you shocked when the movie eventually came out?” Is this real life? Is it a fantasia? Just exactly what in the revisionist history hell is going on here?

It would seem that Fantasia was more dismayed than shocked when she ultimately caught wind of the movie:

“All the kids in school were really excited about going to the movie, but there was no talking in the movie. It was just music. When we got back, all the kids would say, ‘Your movie is boring.’ And I said, ‘It wasn’t my movie!’ I do have a best friend whose name is Santasia [sic], and I think that’s how we became best friends, because when we were in class together, the teacher used to say, ‘Santasia, be quiet!’ She was actually on the first season of Fantasia for Real.”

“Santasia” is actually spelled “Santezja.” Regardless, there’s no word if there’s a long-lost Disney movie with that name. We’ll just have to wait to be shocked by its release. [MSN TV]

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