Finally, A Kevin Bacon Head Made Of Bacon


Much like a Bieber doll, I cannot believe this hasn’t been done before: A bust of Kevin Bacon made of bacon. It was created by artist Mike Lahue using styrofoam, bacon bits and lacquer. It was commissioned by J&D foods and it will be auctioned off on eBay, the proceeds going to the charity Ashley’s Team. Obviously, that’s great. And I love the idea. It’s just…if I may, there’s one thing that’s bothering me. If you observe the picture below, I don’t know how much this looks like the Kevin Bacon I know and love.

And the profile view:

To me, it looks more like Chris Isaak and Jay Leno had a bacon love child:

Chris Isaak is all like, “You know you want it.” And Jay Leno’s all like, “Well, duh. I’ve seen the Wicked Game video.”

And then they made love and bore a bacon head. If you want me to give your small child the birds and the bees talk, I’m available for a small fee.

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