12 Better Titles For Snooki’s New Book, “A Shore Thing”


Snooki of Jersey Shore fame (not to be confused with 19th century blacksmith Snooki McGargle) is writing a fiction book to be released in 2011, at which point she’ll have to change her name to Booki – and I’m outta here!!! [Drops the mic, mic hits computer, isn’t plugged into anything]

The book is going to be titled “A Shore Thing”. It’s a pun on the title of her MTV show, Thing People. Frankly, when it comes to book titlin’, I think we can do better, or at the very least, way worse. Here’s 12 Better Titles For Snooki’s New “Shore” Book, because the world asked:

Slowly But Shore-ly

Shore As Sugar

Shore Deodorant: Odor Protection For Both Men And Shore

Salute Your Shores

Yes I’m Shore-ious. And Don’t Call Me Shore-ly.

Shore: What Is It Good Shore

Martin Shore

Chlorophyll? More Like Shore-ophyll!

Peace C-Shore-ps

Danish Physicist Neils Shore

One Two Three Four Five Shore Wait Instead Of Four I Mean

Are You Shore You Don’t Have HIV?

Other Snooki book titles? Throw ‘em in the comments.

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