Tila Tequila Being Blackmailed About A Sex Tape, Which May Not Be A Big Deal


The fact that Tila Tequila has a sex tape doesn’t surprise us at all. The fact that she’s pissed about it, does surprise us. Apparently, an ex-boyfriend has surfaced with an X-rated home video of theirs and wants $75,000 for it or else he’ll make sure it’ll go viral. Tila’s obvs got her panties (wait, does she wear any?) in a twist about the situation saying, “He has the audacity to not only betray me with the love that I had for him, but to use that to exploit me and hurt me.”

The ex has already gone to town with the tape and figured out how much it’s worth. He’s issued her an ultimatum, with the leverage being that porn distributors are ready to put their dime behind the video. She’s hitting back legally retorting, “This is extortion and my lawyers are fully aware and are fighting back by filing an injunction against him. I will make sure he goes to jail for this. So ex-lover, you better hold onto that sex tape because that’s the only sex you’ll get to watch once you’re sent to jail!”

Fighting words indeed but forgive us for being a bit skeptical here. If it was any other person, we’d well and truly sympathize. We’re kinda feeling for Tila here, but the fact that her moral compass doesn’t exactly point north makes us question everything she says and does. Tila’s already got a sex tape out. She took her top off at the Gathering of the Juggalos fiasco.  She’s almost topless (Photos) on red carpets. It seems like this was just the next step in her devolution. We’re betting she’s going to make a deal out of this because c’mon… Tila, naked? Having sex? She’s been there and done that and has always wanted people to watch. Be careful about what you wish for, Tila.

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