So Kanye’s SNL Performance Was Pretty Awesome


For all the jokes we internet types crack about Kanye West for his capital-lettered musings and easily remixable VMA performances, we often forget that he’s still one of the most interestingdiculous live artists out there, managing to turn his SNL performance — usually a magnet for my co-workers automatically saying “You see the [BLANK] performance? Terrible.” on Monday morning — into a college freshman’s fantasy of what a white t-shirt party will be like, before they get there and the only ones in white shirts are them and one of the passed-out male roommates who started drinking at 11:30 am.

Is this performance of “Power” truly more interesting than watching Pop Artist A standing in the studio singing a hit song you got sick of three months ago with a black gospel choir and like four sax players for no reason? YES IT IS THAT YEAH!!!!!!!

You knew when his SNL still photo moved, you were in for something. After the jump, his performance of “Runaway”:

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