Are We Being Punk’d Or Is Punk’d Actually Coming Back With Bieber As Host?


Generally, here at TheFABLife, rumors fall into two categories, Rumors We Love and Rumors We Hate. But here’s one that falls somewhere in the middle: it’s been reported today that Justin Bieber is going to host a new version of Punk’d on MTV. On the one hand, we love it and think it’s a brilliant idea because Bieber, with his charming but rambunctious persona, is the heir apparent to Ashton Kutcher, at least personality-wise. They both love sideways hats, Twitter, and older women.  And Bieber, like Kutcher, can probably pull a crazy prank on one of his many pop star friends and laugh it off. Only instead of pranking people like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, Bieber will have a whole new crop of talent like Taylor Swift, more Jonases than you can shake a stick at and Miley Cyrus to make life a temporary hell for.

On the other hand, we personally were very happy when Punk’d ended in 2007, because by that point people seemed pretty pooped by the whole phenomenon of hidden cameras and pranking people. However, we’re pretty sure enough time has passed for a new generation of MTV-watchers to get into the show, especially helmed by The Biebs. (Please let this new version be called “Leave It To Bieber”!!) While it hasn’t been confirmed, we think this rumor will probably pan out and we’re going to be seeing even more Bieber on our TVs soon.

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