Courtney Love Tweets Naked Photo Of Herself, Smartly Quits Twitter


You know that sinking feeling when you try to send your boyfriend a naked picture of yourself, but you accidentally post it to your Twitter account? Oh, you don’t know any part of that sentence? Really?? Not even the posting yourself naked to Twitter part? Geez. SORR-REY, THE POPE.

Well, Courtney Love did that, and now she’s quitting Twitter because of it:

Sexting is one thing. Accidentally posting a naked picture of yourself on your Twitter page is quite another. And that’s exactly what Courtney Love did.

The singer immediately followed that up with this, “I’m off twitter. That photo was meant for a boy friend.”

I completely understand Courtney’s decision to quit Twitter after she did that. This one time, I picked up my dry cleaning, then I meant to put the clothing on but I accidentally set it on fire and threw it at a baby. I’m never going back to THAT laundromat, let me tell you.

I can’t imagine how embarrassed the person who put a naked photo of herself on the cover of her autobiography must be after this blurry photo that shows nothing surfaced. Not to mention the brief extra attention she received for it, none of which was intentional or welcomed. I would guess she’s like, 12 Embarrassed. That number sounds right.

The Full Courtney Love Totally Accidental Naked Photo can be disappointingly seen after the jump (S-Enough-FW):

…That’s it? I’m quitting Twitter too.

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