Lil Wayne Gets Sent To The Hole At Rikers For Using His iPod



You try to listen to one podcast and you get sent to solitary. Such is life at Rikers Island.

Lil Wayne was busted back in May for having headphones and an MP3 player, items which are considered contraband in prison. As a result, Weezy is being moved to solitary confinement, known at Rikers as “The Bing” which is both adorable and search-engine-y. He’ll have to stay there until he is released on November 4 for his felony weapons possession conviction.

While it seems a little cruel to punish a musician for just wanting to listen to music in his cell, we guess rules are rules. It’s just that being locked up like this is definitely going to cramp his style – no more phone calls, no more ESPN. (Wait, if he was allowed those things in the first place, what difference does having an MP3 player make? We’ll never understand the justice system.) Even though Lil Wayne may spend a month in harsh conditions, at least he can take comfort in knowing that when he gets out, he’ll still be one of the richest rap artists in existence.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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