Jane Lynch SNL Promos: Betty White Expectations


Jane Lynch is hosting SNL this week! Huzzah! Lady is funny. So funny. I’m no Glee person or whatever you call yourselves. Gleetards? But her Christopher Guest work is second to none. And whatever second rate movie she’s in she steals. She’s a star, a shining star of comedy. Point being, I have huge hopes for this one. Here are the promos she shot with Fred Armisen. The first couple are standard cute promo fare and then the last one is all like LOL! I think? I could very well be going insane. Guys, no one should spend this much time surfing the Internet. It’s not OK. I’m like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the amount of time I spend on the computer. Except I don’t have a dragon tattoo and I’m not a genius hacker or solving crimes or making BANK. I’m just the WORST part of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!! Which is too much time looking at a screen! Please send help. But before, no, while, you do that, here are the promos:

It was all a dream! That music at the end is hilar. Is that pan flute? It’s pan flute. Right? I only hear it every day on the street. I should know my pan flutes. Why haven’t you sent help yet?

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