Toni Braxton – Yes, Toni Braxton – Is Millions Of Dollars In Debt


Why is Toni Braxton in debt again? This is clearly not a case of once bitten, twice shy for her because she’s been in a mess financially for years now. This round has her in the red for an amount that could be anything from $10 million to $50 million. You just read that correctly.

But let’s take a look at why and who she owes so much money. The list of creditors waiting for the cash that’ll never come are The Four Seasons, Tiffany’s, The Westin Hotel, Flamingo Las Vegas and Neiman Marcus, to name just a few. Toni, where did you think the money-you-don’t-have  was coming from?

Did she really think a swipe of a credit card was it? That bills would magically appear and Toni could walk out dripping in new jewels into fancy hotel suites? It’s weird that she doesn’t know how this money stuff works, considering that she already filed for bankruptcy back in 1998. And if that wasn’t enough of a red flag, she was hit up by the IRS this year for a lien worth $396k. It’s hard to sympathize when the person in question keeps making the same mistake over and over again. Learn your lesson, Toni!

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