Lilo Is Being Treated For Twitter Addiction As Well As Drugs


Now that she’s at the Betty Ford Center, Lindsay Lohan is being forced to take a good, hard look at all her addictions, and not just the drugs and booze. Page Six reports that Lindsay is required to cut down on her Twitter and internet use, too.

A source said Lindsay is “only allowed to use her phone for two hours a day, and only to keep in touch with family and close friends.” Okay, we know that our cell phone is invaluable but yikes, to have your usage reduced to two hours? She should also be treated for BlackBerry Thumb. They also said that in the past, Lilo “would repeatedly and compulsively e-mail her friends if she was ever in a situation where she felt lonely, and she would vent on Twitter.” Reducing outside distractions like Twitter and the like is a common policy at Betty Ford so that patients can focus on themselves, according to the source who sure has a lot to say about what should be a private matter in a confidential setting. Lohan hasn’t actually posted any public Tweets since entering this latest bout of rehab, so maybe it’s working already.

The paper also reports that Dina Lohan and Kris Jenner have become besties while Lindsay’s in rehab, and that Kim Kardashian is getting friendlier with Lindsay too. That’s either really sweet and kind, or one more attempt at fame whoring from all involved. We’re sort of thinking the latter.

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