This Half-Man Is Richer Than All Of Us Combined


As much as we’ve tried to get into Two and a Half Men, we just aren’t fans of the CBS show. And even though in our house it’s sometimes a punchline, it turns out the joke is on us, because all of its stars are making serious bank. Charlie Sheen is making $2 million per episode, Jon Cryer is reportedly making $10 million per season and now, even the half-man, Angus T. Jones is a millionaire. Jones reportedly signed a deal that will pay him $300k per episode – that’s nearly $8 million for two seasons of work.

Guys, Jones is 17. At this point he’s like 3/4 of a man, but still, what the crap is he going to do with all that money? By comparison, at 17 we were swirling soft serve out at the TCBY for $4.25 an hour and driving a rusted out Mercury Grand Marquis and we actually thought we were doing pretty well for ourselves.

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