The Top 10 Hottest Indie Rock Girls At Austin City Limits


TheFABlife has been at 2010’s Austin City Limits all weekend catching as many bands as possible and hanging out at backstage interviews with our colleagues at VH1. We thought about writing a serious review of the music fest, but we aren’t exactly a serious music blog. So we decided to write about something that every living human being with half a pulse cares about. Who’s the hot? Here’s our list, counting down to #1. Lest you think we’re only about objectifying the fairer sex, check back later to see our list of ACL’s Hottest Indie Rock Boys.

10. Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim


Sure, Kim Schifino has a great figure, a larger-than-life smile, bright eyes, and taut arms from years of banging on the drums. But what really makes Kim sexy is that nobody gets a party started like Matt & Kim, because they both put 100 percent into each and every moment of their shows. When Kim’s on stage, she comes across as the happiest girl in the world — and that’s just plain hot. This year at ACL was no exception. [Photos: Lisa Nola for VH1]

9. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth


When we watched Sonic Youth‘s ACL set, we couldn’t stop talking about hot Kim Gordon looks, especially for being 57 years old! She has the body and stamina of most girls half her age — and way more rock-n-roll attitude to boot. Kim reigned supreme as the “coolest” chick at 2010’s Austin City Limits. (Sorry M.I.A., it’s true) [Photo: Getty Images]

8. Jessi Darlin of Those Darlins


A singer/guitarist with a voice that sounds too big for her small frame, Jessi Darlin looks like a country sweetheart with a wild edge — and that’s a sexy combo. But she’s also usually flanked by two other cuties in their country-rock outfit Those Darlins, and all three ladies have a penchant for hot pants and cowboy boots. [Photo: Getty Images]

7. Sahara Smith


NPR wrote that Austin-born Sahara Smith‘s debut album showcases her “smoky vocals and her love for Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.” Any girl who has “smoky vocals” and loves Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen is hot in our books. And it doesn’t hurt that she looks like a runway model, either. [Photo: Matt Muro for VH1]

6. Norah Jones


The nine-time Grammy Award winner who’s sold around 40 million albums is hardly an indie artist. But who are we to discriminate? Because Norah Jones has the prettiest voice at the fest — and maybe the prettiest eyes. [Photo: Lisa Nola for VH1]

5. Grace Potter of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


We’re not sure what’s more beautiful about Grace Potter: Her voice or her legs. But we know we love the way she plays the guitar and the Hammond organ and the way she’s able to move seamlessly from vintage soul to rock to blues to jazz. Throw All-American good looks into this equation and you get a total knockout. Bonus: Grace Potter was the funnest, most playful artist that we shot at ACL, hands down. [Photo: Matt Muro for VH1]

4. Lissie


A colleague tipped us off that Lissie might make a good candidate for our hottest list, so we made sure to catch her set in the ACL press tent. She’s an easy-on-the-eyes blond with a husky, sensual voice — and certainly does not fall short in either the talent or the looks department. [Photo: Matt Muro for VH1]

3. Maria “Poni” Silver of The Ettes


We could have just as easily selected singer/guitarist Lindsay “Coco” Hames (right) to be inducted into our list of hotties, but there’s something about the combo of Maria “Poni” Silver‘s wild child hair and no-nonsense rock-n-roll drumming that gets us all hot and bothered. Plus, we came across this random video in which she says, “I just want to hit things.” Sexiest quote ever or what? [Photo: Matt Muro for VH1]

2. Nora Kirkpatrick of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


Nora Kirkpatrick is good-looking enough to be a Hollywood star. In fact, she’s already on her way. The blond bombshell starred  in the web series Dorm Life and has picked up roles in TV shows like CSI and John From Cincinnati. But we think Nora’s hottest when she’s playing her accordion with the quasi hippie group led by Edward Sharpe (aka Alex Ebert). She’s part indie musician and part mainstream actress with a dash of flower child — and somehow this odd recipe really works. [Photo: Lacey Seidman for VH1]

1. M.I.A.


With a gorgeous face, soulful eyes and a ridiculous body, M.I.A.‘s looks alone would be enough to turn heads even if she weren’t a rock star. But she is a rock star — and she’s one that oozes the essence of raw sex on stage. We got up close — very close! — during her ACL set, and watched her gyrate and grind all the way through “Galang.” M.I.A. is nasty, and the crowd loves it. So do we. [Photo: Lisa Nola for VH1]

Thanks to Lisa Nola, founder of, for taking pics with VH1 at ACL this year.

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