Jared Leto Fan Turns Herself Into Jared Leto


We have a hard enough time getting our eyeliner on straight on the special occasions when we wear makeup at all, so this video is pretty damn impressive. A girl who goes by the screen name selfOblivion posted a clip on YouTube where she makes herself up to look like Jared Leto, and it’s hard to believe that the end result actually isn’t Leto himself.

Over the course of the time-lapsed six minute video, she goes from just your average girl to having the best Halloween costume we’ve ever seen (maybe she can make one of her friends up to be Angela Chase and they can hit the parties together). Jared even Tweeted about it, writing “Holy fkng sh*t. Have you seen this?” which was exactly our reaction too. How cool, and probably a little surreal, is it that he’s actually seen her morph into him though?

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