We’d Blame Michael Lohan Too



Lindsay Lohan is apparently confronting her demons while in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, the biggest being her dad, Michael “I’ve gone to jail 3 times” Lohan. According to TMZ, Lindsay thinks she’s effed up because she’s grown up watching her dad (allegedly) beat her mother, booze it up and float in and out of the slammer. Sources say Linds often had to come between her mom and dad during fights, and the experience has left her, well, f*cked up.

The actress has also been pointing fingers at her early move to Los Angeles (where she lived basically unsupervised) and constant media scrutiny. We get how the first one could mess with your head, but LiLo all but courted the cameras for the past seven years. Hopefully she’s analyzing her own actions in rehab as well.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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