Woman Transforms Herself Into Jared Leto, Confusing Sexualities Everywhere


They often say that you fall in love with someone who looks exactly like you. This has been true with nearly 40 percent of my married friends, though for me personally, seeing as I’ve never dated a half-Asian Native American (what I think I look like), this has not been true. Though, Keanu Reeves, if you reading…

But someone who likely would NOT have a problem finding his true love is Jared Leto, the 73 year old pop sensation who has been a teen idol since the roaring 20s. Jared has all the makings of a hot man or woman: Large blue eyes, silky hair, pouty lips, and skin smoother than a newborn’s fist, a sizable penis. And we think we’ve found his true match: This young woman, who with the help of some tricky shading and kohl eyeliner, turns herself into JARED LETO’S TWIN.

It is at once the most terrifying and sensual thing we’ve ever seen.

Our minds:

Although, the more I think about it, the more I realize Courtney Cox would make a fabulous Jared Leto. And also, let’s just take a moment to remember this J. Leto-related hilarity.

(Via ONTD)

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