10 Possible Subtitles For Scream 4


David Arquette just leaked that Scream 4 may have a subtitle, as part of a full sentence that went something like “Stop asking me about the divorce, pay attention to my other stuff. What other stuff? I don’t know, Scream…Four, or something. I hear it might have a subtitle. There, run with that.”

Scream 4: Yes, Really

Scream 4: Yes, Seriously

Scream 4: Yes It’s Another Scream Movie

Scream 4: Remember Scream?

Scream 4: No It Didn’t Happen Already, You’re Thinking Of Saw 4

Scream 4: What?

Scream 4: How Should I Know Why They’re Making It Now, I’m Just The Movie

Scream 4: Don’t Get Mad At Me, You Asked!

Scream 4: Look, You Seein’ The Movie Or Ain’tcha?

Scream 4: Money Never Screams

Other important Scream 4 subtitles? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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