David Arquette Admits To Having Sex During Separation, Says Courteney Did Not Have Affair


Whew. We just got through listening to Howard Stern‘s interview with David Arquette, and once again the King of All Media has scored a major scoop. We took notes during the entire thing and will try to get down all major points below. The biggest thing we took away from David and Howard’s candid chat is that he still loves and cares for Courteney Cox, and they are definitely trying to work things out as mature adults. David was refreshing and honest, which is something most celebrities (and their PR people) balk at. He even admitted to have quit drinking a few weeks ago but owned up to having a drink last night. We’d gulp down some booze too, if our 11 year marriage was the topic of everyone’s convos.

Without further ado, the deets from our notes:

  • Courteney initiated the separation. Says David, “On our eleven year anniversary Courteney gave me a motorcycle. She said to me, ‘I don’t want to be your mother anymore.’ She doesn’t want to tell me ‘don’t do that and don’t do this.’ She doesn’t want to nag me anymore. I respect that with all my heart.”
  • The couple is currently living in separate houses, and David is in therapy. “I’m trying to grow up, trying to be my true self, to figure out my true self and world, as is she.”
  • The separation started a while ago, and if it were up to David the couple would be married and together right now. Even though, David says, “she has her own issues – tries to take one everyone’s problems, be a mother to everyone.” Hm, like Jennifer Aniston perhaps?
  • David did, indeed, have sex with another woman during the separation. While he did not name Jasmine Waltz specifically, he seemed to be insinuate she was his one conquest. He says, “I don’t have a girlfriend. I had sex with a girl once. Okay maybe twice.”
  • David confronted Courteney on her rumored affair with her co-star. She denied it. “I truly don’t think she every had an affair with Brian Van Holt,” he says. “I do believe her on that level. On an emotional level, I think she may have seen a guy who talks and bonded with him, yes.”
  • They told their 6-year-old daughter Coco about their split during a beach picnic. “We went to the beach and had a picnic and explained to her, ‘we’re grown-ups and a lot of times grown-ups need to figure out their lives.'”
  • David and Courteney’s sex life started to die while they figured things out; they haven’t had sex for four months. Still, he said of their physical relationship: “My sex with Courteney is methodical…but so full of love.”
  • David wants Courteney back. He says, “In my defense I didn’t go out and f*ck everything in the f*cking world. It’s one girl, and all the best for her. I’m never going to do anything with her again. I’ve been begging Courteney to get back with me. and she’s conflicted too.”

Though David is “free to see other people,” he seems truly invested in making the marriage work and says of his wife, “We’re best friends. She’s the greatest woman I’ve ever met.” Awww. He’s always seemed a little odd to us, but his openness and honestly with Howard totally won us over. Make it work with him, Court!

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