Katherine Heigl’s Busted By Cops In Bikini



Katherine Heigl in a bikini? Sure, why not. Katherine Heigl in a bikini alongside her bare-chested husband after cops interrupted their jacuzzi night with a noise complaint filed by a neighbor? Hells to the yes!

We tend  to bat for Team Heig and we feel bad the girl’s got the whole world against her at times. But seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Only the most loathed actress in Lala Land would wind up having to assuage cops in a bikini after a neighbor called the popo on her and her hubby for being too loud in their jacuzzi. These are rich people we’re talking about. Isn’t Katherine’s yard 200 acres wide? Shouldn’t her jacuzzi be soundproofed by a protective dome made entirely of hummingbirds and calla lilies? Couldn’t the neighbor just pop in some gold-plaited ear plugs and call it a night?

Kate and her hubby seemed to resolve everything, but not before we got a good look at the actress’ bikini bod. We were pleasantly surprised to see her rocking some real woman curves (and hello, BOOBS). How do you think she looks wearing next to nothing?

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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