The 50 Creepiest Baby Halloween Costumes


Perhaps you or someone you know or are related to have a little baby in the house. Congratulations! Babies are adorable. But all it takes is one bad Halloween decision to turn your most prized possession into small human monster that will haunt your dreams. On that note, here are the 50 Creepiest Baby Halloween Costumes that you might want to avoid/buy immediately, depending on your sense of humor. Feel free to pass the word on to newbie parents. And don’t worry! They get creepier down the line… #13… I can’t. Here we go!

50. Untrustworthy Creepy Skunk Baby

49. Terrifying Jack-in-the-Box Baby

48. Spiderweb Baby

47. Baby Joystick

46. Alien Bursting out of Chicken Baby

45. Toy Story 3 Baby Woody

44. Sushi Baby

43. Rabbi Baby

42. Slutty Cat Baby

41. Lobster Baby

40. Baby Lady Gaga

39. Octopus Baby

38. Gingerbread Baby

37. Baby Giraffe

36. Garden Gnome Baby

35. Roast Turkey Newborn

34. Tiny Hitler

33. Baby Yak

32. Bag of Popcorn

31. Baby Hamburger

30. Spaghetti and Meatballs

29. Woopie Cushion Baby

28. Baby Vader

27. Taco Baby

26. Baby Bunting Pizza

25. Ragamuffin

24. Baby Chewbacca

23. Pink Convict Baby

22. Priest Baby

21. Baby Shrek

20. Smarties Baby

19. Baby Sweet Tee Golf

18. Baby Soccer Player

17. Baby Sack of Money

16. Mini Strong Man

15. Future Trooper

14. Second Banana

13. Rock-A-Bye Elvis Baby (Also, the Devil?)

12. Devil Baby (Actual)

11. Baby Marshmallow Peeps

10. Goldfish Baby

9. Baby Ice Cream

8.California Roll Baby

7. Little Trees Car Freshner

6. Baby Little Peanut Bunting

5. Baby Pimp

4. Baby Hulk

3. Christmas Tree Baby

2. Prohibitionist Baby

1. Freddy the Baby Spider

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