C-SPAN 2 Got Interesting In A Very C-SPAN 2 Kind Of Way


If you’ve ever watched C-SPAN or C-SPAN 2 with any regularity, you know that it is the opposite of salacious.  Usually the most interesting thing that can happen while you’re watching it is that you realize that you can recognize Senator Evan Bayh by voice alone.  But recently on Book TV (the Lost of C-SPAN 2), something really strange happened. A panel discussion that was supposed to be about writers with varying political leanings very slowly morphed into a man explaining that he dated one of the other panelists, and that she is a monster who cheated on him and wanted to play a weird power game in which she would set up a couple just so she could seduce the man in order to confuse him and hurt the other woman. Jesus Christ! And the guy doesn’t even seem that upset about it. And then she doesnt’ even seem upset that he’s bringing it up in front of an audience and literally DOZENS of people watching on TV nation wide.

The really good part starts at 3:33, but if you have the patience, I recommend watching it from the beginning. This guy really nails it.

Thanks, Buzzfeed.

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