The 10 Worst Celebrity Dads Of All Time


Some fathers know best, and other fathers know hookers. Some fathers play golf, and others play the field. Some dads mow the lawn, and others mow down mailboxes with their Mercedes while drinking and driving. Some fathers make plans to take their wives out for dinner, while others make plans to “take their wives out.” And then there are some dads who pretend they’re not dads at all! Think we’re kidding? We wish.

It’s safe to say that not all fathers know best. Join us while we count down the ten worst pops of all, ranked by the standard unit of bad dads: the Woody-Allen. If your face is in the gallery below, you’re probably not getting a tie for Father’s Day this year.

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10. Joe Simpson
9. Matthew Knowles
8. Eddie Murphy
7. Mel Gibson
6. Tiger Woods
5. Jon Gosselin
4. Joe Jackson
3. Michael Lohan
2. O.J. Simpson
1. John Phillips

Honorable Mention: Billy Ray Cyrus

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