Christina Hendrick’s Curves Are In Danger!



Ok, what the hell is this? Seriously, this the second worst news we’ve heard all week (you will be missed, Mrs. Cleaver). Christina Hendricks, the full-figured bombshell, loved and admired by pretty much everyone for her style, talent and confidence…is now trying to lose a whopping 30 pounds. This comes after years of telling the press how much she adores her body and that she “feels beautiful”. Just last month she told UK’s Red Magazine that she is proud to make curvy women feel proud and good about themselves. What the hell happened?!

“Christina has got sick of all the talk of her being the curviest woman in Hollywood. For her it basically meant she was being called fat,” a friend told the Daily Mail. “Now she’s gone against everything she believed in before by going on the first diet of her life. Christina’s cut out carbs, and alcohol, although she’s not a big drinker. She’s eating fish oil to break down fat and pak choi and edamame nearly every meal. She hopes the first stone will fall off in the next month or so.”

If a bonified sex icon, literally voted the sexiest woman in America, still feels insecure about their body, then there’s a serious problem here. We get it, Christina. You’re tired of the big fuss that everyone is making over your curves. That must get super annoying and kind of embarrassing. And the fact that no designer in town will lend you a dress can’t feel great. But don’t change just to be like everybody else! Because then you’re just like…everybody else. And that sucks. Take a cue from Gaga. She’s never been like anybody else, and she’s done OK.

Hey Mad Men peeps: Remember that time Keri Russell cut her hair on Felicity? Yeah, multiply that by a hundred. Do something. As for us, we might just go on a hunger strike.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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