Topless Barber Shop: Worst Idea Ever?


A “Gentlemen’s hair salon” in Sydney, Australia is now offering topless haircuts from four confident female hairdressers:

While I’m usually in favor of randomly topless things (right dudez??? Just high-fived eighty construction workers by my desk), getting a haircut by two topless hairdressers seems like the most awkward experience possible.

It’s taking toplessness out of strip clubs — which are dark, private, and serve alcohol — and inserting it into getting a haircut, which is already one of the most labored, pointless social-interaction experiences around, forcing you to make mundane smalltalk about the weather of the Yankees while nursing a huge erection. It’d be like having a topless dental checkup, or a topless elevator on the way to work in the morning. Toplessness doesn’t improve the situation, it just adds boobs to it (not the same thing, surprisingly).

That said, to give the hair salon its counterpoint, here are three more pictures of the Australian topless hair salon (NSFW-ish):

I’d let HER cut my hair, if you knowwhatImean! I don’t know what I mean. Did I mean pubic hair? Cause I wouldn’t let her do that, that’d be sad for all parties concerned. I guess I mean, like, sex.

(pics via Splash News)

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