Rachel Zoe Says She Isn’t Preggers, Lifts Her Couture Shirt To Prove It



Despite the rumors you may have heard (or…we may have reported), apparently Rachel Zoe is  not pregnant. When asked on Tuesday if she had a teeny, weeny bun in the oven, Zoe lifted her shirt to reveal her taunt, drum-like  stomach and laughed, “Not at all. I’d be home sleeping.” L.A. has to be the only place in America where lifting your shirt would actually prove that you aren’t pregnant. If we tried that here, everyone would start mailing us baby gifts for the triplets. But still, Zoe has a point. Being at home sleeping because you’re pregnant is very different than falling asleep at the lunch table because you are exhausted from holding your hair up.  Since the reporter didn’t mention seeing a squirmy baby-shaped object moving around in Rachel’s abdomen, that’s as good as a doctor’s note for us.

However, not everybody buys the denial. Super nosy sources noted that at the Council of Fashion Designers of America event this week, “Everyone was drinking champagne at her table but her,” most likely because one single champagne bubble takes Rachel up to a new dress size. As for Zoe and her friends’ conversation, “It seems like all they talked about was babies.” Guys, they were probably just excited about trying on the new line at Baby Gap.  Either way,  Rachel, we hope you’re weathering the rumors of your impending mama-hood well. And seriously, go home and get some shut-eye. [Photo: Wire Image]

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