You Can’t Afford This Hotness



This scene has been brought to you by obscene amounts of money. Apparently the folks over at Victoria’s Secret had an extra $2 million lying around and decided to make this bra. Then they decided to make it even more desirable by putting it on Angel (literally and figuratively) Adriana Lima and sending her out in a classic Rolls Royce to cruise the streets of New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Excuse us while we cry into our lunch of ramen noodles.

According to People Magazine, the Bombshell Fantasy Bra is made from “glittering constellations of white diamonds, topaz and sapphires with bedazzled straps atop a blushy gauze push-up bra.” This geologist’s dream weighs in at an incredible 142 carats. But if you ask us, it still looks a little chintzy next to the $15 million Red Hot Fantasy Bra Gisele Bundchen rocked for Victoria’s Secret in 2005. Then again times are tough, and in this economy we’re lucky to have a multi-million dollar bra at all. So be grateful, people!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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