Billy Ray Cyrus Is Cool With The Glee Pics


Suddenly GQ’s Glee spread just got kind of creepy again. It turns out that Billy Ray Cyrus is actually a member of the Parents Television Council, the organization that got its suspenders all bunched up over the non-nude photos of some twenty-somethings that appeared in a men’s magazine. And it breaks his achey breaky heart to hear the pics dissed as offensive. Somehow we don’t think the Billy Ray Seal of Approval will help GQ’s argument, but let’s hear him out.

According to TMZ, Cyrus disagrees with the PTC’s accusations that the photos of Lea Michele and Diana Agron are bordering on pedophilia. And we trust him. If anyone knows the fine line between art and pedophilia, it’s this guy. Mr. Miley has grown “disappointed”  and “fed up” with the council’s actions as of late, saying that it “has recently been spending all its time attacking people rather than promoting family television.” “Like Hannah Montana,” he added in his mind.

This isn’t the only rift between him and the PTC. Just recently they criticized his daughter Miley (who actually is underage) for her new “Who Owns My Heart” video. But apparently it wasn’t serious enough to force him to, you know, actually leave the council. Oh well. All we have left to say is: damn you Glee for making us side with Billy Ray Cyrus on something. Savor this moment Billy, because it’s probably the only time your name and “GQ” will ever appear together in print.

[Photo: GQ/ Images]

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