Too Good For Dairy Queen: Kim Kardashian To Celebrate With $1 Million Diamond Cake



If you guessed Kim Kardashian would spend her 30th birthday party sucking icing off a million dollars worth of diamonds, well girl, you need to open up shop as a psychic, because you are right! At her birthday party at Glo Nightclub in Westbury, New York this weekend, Kardashian will blow out the candles on a $1 million dollar birthday cake, a number that makes us want to put our head between our knees so we don’t pass out before the end of “Happy Birthday”.

Says a nightclub rep, “The jeweler is going to encrust the cake with loose diamonds worth over a million dollars,” making this the only time we ever want to read the words “Kim Kardashian” and “encrust” in the same sentence, thankyouverymuch. “Their goal is to break the record for the most expensive cake ever made which was 1.65 million dollars.” Because what woman doesn’t want to celebrate the big 3-0 by picking dozens of hard little stones off of a delicious dessert?

The ultimate hedonist pastry is the brainchild of restaurateur Nino Selimaj, who doesn’t seem to understand that he’s going to spend the rest of the weekend holding a colander under Khloe Kardashian, because while everyone else is getting instructions on not wolfing down the gems, all she’s hearing is a voice in her head screaming CAKE CAKE CAKE. [Photo: Getty Images]

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