Beyonce And Jay-Z’s 20 Cutest Moments Ever


We’re still holding on to hopes that Beyonce is pregnant, but after her mom Tina Knowles denied the pregnancy rumor, it might be time for us to let go of our dream of seeing Jay-Z carrying a toddler on his shoulders around NYC. Regardless, we can still celebrate one of the world’s cutest couples with 20 photos of their most adorable moments together.

As a bonus, our friends at Moonit have got the couple’s astrological compatibility on lock. Here is what they reveal about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s astro-connection:

According to their birth dates, it’s no surprise that Beyonce (born on September 4, 1981) and Jay-Z (born on December 4, 1969) gravitated towards each other. When it comes to the two of them, “there’s a larger-than-life force drawing him to her, telling him to be around her as much as possible if he wants to grow and achieve his true potential.”

With that it mind, it totally makes sense that these two are “really well suited to assume the role of leader versus follower” (so I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship).

It’s also no surprise that, wherever they go together, “they’re the ‘it’ couple.” They “entertain the people who matter, they’re effortlessly ‘on’ all the time, and they’re confident and comfortable in any situation.” From their “perfectly timed snuggling” to their “witty repartee” to their “meticulously appointed house,” it’s like “everyone around them wants to emulate their perfect relationship.”

See? Even the stars agree that Bey and Jay are the cutest couple ever. Proof below.

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