Hilary Duff’s Tooth Done Fall Out At Her Wedding



We’ve all heard wedding horror stories of drunk relatives and freak thunderstorms, but the most gag-inducing tale we’ve come across has to be when Hilary Duff lost a tooth on her wedding day. Note: we use the term “tooth” loosely, as Hil famously replaced her choppers with boogie-board sized veneers a few years ago. As Duff explained to Ellen on this coming Monday’s episode, “I bit into a bagel. I was sitting on the bed with my mom and my sister, and they’re like, ‘You’re an idiot. You did not. Come on.'” O my god! That’s disgusting! Hilary Duff eats carbs? Once Duff realized that her toof had declined to attend her nuptials, “I burst into tears. Then I started laughing at myself, and then I really burst into tears.” Which is funny because that’s exactly what we did when we read this story!

Exclaimed Duff, “Thank God I didn’t swallow [my tooth]. Not good for a bride on her wedding day.” Yeah, that has to be some sort of seriously bad omen. No one wants something old, something new, something borrow, and something that has fallen out of a body cavity and into your breakfast sandwich. Luckily, a friend of Hilary’s wedding planner’s sister’s husband was able to glue the sucker back into place, and the rest of her wedding to hockey player Mike Comrie went beautifully. In retrospect, a gap-tooth bride might have been a good test of the relationship. If you have to take your vows looking like a jack o’ lantern, and your man doesn’t sprint out of the chapel screaming? That’s a keeper, ladies. [Photo: Film Magic]

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