Kat Von D Threatens To Sue Her Producers In Order To Protect Nikki Sixx’s Precious Feelings


Roll out the sterile gauze and get those antibiotics ready! Apparently Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D are slobbering all over each others’ tattoos again, and Kat’s so afraid of hurting her boo’s little baby bunny feelings that she has threatened to sue her show’s own producers if they showed footage of her insulting him. Because she was riding high on boner fumes during her brief but disgusting tryst with Jesse James (and because she is a paragon of elegance and poise) Kat took it upon herself to rip Nikki a new one while the cameras were rolling for her TLC show “Ink”. After abandoning Sandra Bullock’s sloppy seconds, Von D reportedly “freaked out” at the possibility that beloved would hear her smack-talking him on any upcoming episodes…and do what? Cry into his black velvet pillows? Write about it in his emotions journal? CALL HIS MOM?

Von D demanded any potentially offensive moments be edited out of the series, as well rejected a “Jesse vs. Nikki” plot line that seems designed to induce vomiting spice up the series. Wow, whatever Kat said must have been harsh if she thought Nikki would care that much. That or the man bruises like a peach…emotionally. We’ll probably have to wait for the DVD to see what she really had to say. Or we’ll just wait until they break-up again. Next week. [Photo: Getty Images]

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