KOL, LOL (Kings Of Leon, Laugh Out Loud)


When, last Friday, my boss (his name is Charlie and he gives me assignments via speaker phone) asked if I would be interested in sitting in on a Kings of Leon interview for BWE and The VH1 Blog and then writing about it, I was offended. I was offended because it’s like Charlie didn’t even know me. If anyone really knew me they would know that they wouldn’t have to ask such a thing. They would already know that there are three things in this world that I hold sacred: Pretentious references, handsome men, and handsome men in bands. Whatever my scruples might be about handsome men in bands selling overpriced bandanas is besides the point. I was IN.

So, it was with great anticipation that I sat in while VH1 News’ Janell Snowden interviewed KOL, which wasn’t so much KOL as it was Caleb Followill and Jared Followill. Handsomest brothers this side of the equator. And I’ve seen the Winklevoss’! (Topical).

Caleb and Jared? Pretty funny! More than pretty funny! More than Average Person funny! In a self-deprecating, very nice and polite way. I mean, not crazy funny. You can’t be incredibly successful musicians and handsome AND crazy funny. That would lower Everyone Else In The World’s self esteem by about seven percent. It just wouldn’t be fair, not in these tough times. However, they know how to make a joke, which, truth be told, sort of surprised me. So, if I ever thought they take themselves a wee bit too seriously, I take it back. In that, in the 20 minutes that I heard them speak about their album and other things, they were nothing but incredibly gracious and more than a little funny. Also, congrats on your continued super stardom success, etc. etc. So, without further ado, I present to you, the funniest parts of the KOL interview. Entitled, KOL, LOL:

Fun! So when the interview ended, Charlie’s voice boomed over the studio speaker phone and insisted that I take a few photos with them. Have you ever posed for photos with celebrities? If you have, you know it’s extremely awkward. HOWEVER, fun fact: The drummer, Nathan Followill, is my celebrity doppelganger. So this just looks like a band photo. If Nathan was, like, super psyched to be posing with his cousins:

I mean, look at him:

This is literally exactly what I look like, minus the super-psychedness. I even have that outfit. (I don’t have that outfit).

Let me just say, I had great plans for this photo. I thought that maybe we could all give a thumbs up, or we could do a three way handshake, ideally a three way hug. Or a Sarah Sandwich. A human pyramid might’ve been nice. Caleb could’ve been on top. These plans fell by the wayside under the watchful and distrustful glare of their handler. And fair enough. I am not to be trusted. However, plus side, my hand grazed Jared’s back. So that was fun. You can see the discomfort in his eyes.

So, good times, KOL! Thanks for unwittingly changing my opinion of you. Let’s all hang out. We’ll make jokes.

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