Taylor Momsen’s Boob Flash Fails To Shock Us



Today in your Very Important News Update: Taylor Momsen flashed her boobs in concert last night! Also: Taylor Momsen masturbates! Taylor Momsen has a vibrator! Taylor Momsen watches sex tapes!

The Most Desperate Attention-Seeking Teen In The World is doing everything she can to get you to notice her. Notice her, god damn it! Last night, at a concert at Don Hill’s in NYC sponsored by Paper magazine, Taylor performed with her band The Pretty Reckless and flashed her breasts at the audience during a song (there’s edited video of the NSFW lameness below). As if that wasn’t enough desperation, there’s a new article out in which Taylor talks to Revolver magazine and makes sure to say the word “clit” in between talking about masturbating with her vibrator. You want direct quotes? Here’s a sample!

  • “Hey, I’ve never said I don’t need to get off once and a while, man. That [vibrator] fits right in my suitcase.”
  • “We’re born with clits in our fingers.” (in reference to masturbation, not a science experiment gone wrong…or right.)
  • “If it’s a good sex tape, I’ll watch it.”
  • “I smoke a lot.”

Congrats Taylor! You are just like every other 17-year-old in the world, hungry for attention and doing your best to get it. You know what would really shock us? If you shut up for once. There’s nothing crazy about walking into a store and buying a vibrator. It’s not like you harvested it in a garden or created it out of found items in a dumpster. Now THAT would be worth telling the world about. More from our Teen Queen of Crazy Talk, below.

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