Joan Collins Confirms That Jennifer Aniston, Every Woman In Hollywood Doesn’t Cut It



Most people would have immediately apologized for publicly ripping on a fellow actresses’s looks. Then again, most people would have had to be drunk to do that in the first place. But only Joan Collins would have the moxie to go back in and insult the other gorgeous actresses her interviewer edited out of her crazy rant.

When explaining her snarky comments about Jennifer Aniston, Collins said, “The bottom line is that I talked about several actresses, among them Catherine Zeta-Jones, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox. Unfortunately, everybody got cut out [except Aniston and Jolie]. Typical. That’s the way it goes.” So, to make sure everyone got it the first time: Jennifer Aniston is about as hot as a high school gym teacher. Also not beautiful? ALL OF THESE OTHER WOMEN. It’s a list we completely disagree with, too! Make fun of Aniston Plain and Tall all you want, but Catherine Zeta-Jones? Scarlett Johansson? Megan Fo…okay, we get that one. If Joan Collins wants to call Megan out for looking like a dime-store Angelina knock-off, she has our blessing.

After Joan’s initial barbs, Aniston’s reps dismissed them, saying Jen had “no need to engage with that nonsense,” which is ironically what every man in America keep saying about dating Jen. We hope Zeta-Jones, Johansson and Fox all catch wind of Collins’  rudeness, and Collins keeps having to clarify her comments, insulting bigger and bigger groups of people until finally she makes fun of an actual unattractive person. We’re assuming it’s going to be us. [Photos:  Getty Images]

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