In Case You Had Any Faith Left In Humanity: Janet Jackson’s Breasts Bound As A Child Actor


Good lord, did anything not horrible happen to the Jackson family growing up? (Answer: probably not) As if Michael’s epically tragic everything wasn’t enough, apparently Janet Jackson had her breasts bound while working on Good Times as a child actress, a traumatic experience she describes in her new book. Says Jackson, “I was actually doing Good Times, and on our first day of shooting they bound my chest because they thought my breasts were too big.”  Are studios following some sort of mathematical formula to screw up child actors? Because that’s what it seems like.  It’s a testament to Janet being a bad-ass that she went on to become a multimillionaire performing artist rather than permanent changing  into sweat pants and burying herself in Butterfinger Minis. Which is undoubtedly what we would have done.

Explains Janet, “I got the part when I was 10, we started shooting when I was 11 — I was developing early. It made me feel that the way that I am, it’s not good enough.” Not that she let it hold her back! This puts Jackson’s Superbowl boob flash in a whole new light! Before it was a completely unintentional  (or, well, totally intentional),  semi-humiliating wardrobe malfunction; now it’s a spectacular F U to anyone who would dare try to restrain Janet’s goods, co-starring Justin Timberlake. And for that, Janet’s girls, we salute you.

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