Andy Dick Exposes Himself In A Coffee Shop


Andy Dick can be such a…Dick. The confrontational (read: annoying) comedian shocked patrons of an LA coffee shop by drunkenly flashing his penis recently. Witnesses say that he was sitting with a small group of friends when he suddenly turned, kissed one of the guys on the lips, exposed his no-longer-private parts and took off on foot.

“He was really belligerent,” a source told RadarOnline. “He was outside yelling at a celebrity tour bus that was going by saying, “I’m right here, I’m right here! [Then] he stood up, took out his d*ck and said something like, ‘This is me!’ It was all really weird. He was so drunk and out of it that I actually felt bad for the guy.”

Andy has quite the history of showing off his stuff in public, most recently getting kicked out of a house party in July for flashing guests. Will this mean another trip back to Celebrity Rehab? Or is he just trying to remind us who started the whole inappropriate naked shenanigans thing in the wake of Taylor Momsen’s infamous flash and Charlie Sheen’s nude hotel trashing? Whatever the case, just zip it, Andy.

[Photo: Images]

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