Shocker! Charlie Sheen Was Apparently Coked Up When Trashing Hotel Room


Welcome to the Charlie Sheen circus! It’s been in town since Sheen drunkenly trashed his hotel room, after which he was hospitalized. As if the trashing-while-trashed wasn’t bizarro enough, he flipped his lid when he thought the woman he bad brought back to his room had taken his wallet. And his kids were in the same hotel (The Plaza in New York) with his wife Denise Richards as they were all in to the city to watch Mary Poppins on Broadway. Classy, Sheen!

Denise also ended up accompanying him to the hospital, where a source says,”After that incident, a battery of tests were run on Sheen. He tested positive for cocaine. And he’s only been out of rehab for two months.” Nice “allergic reaction,” Charlie. That was the excuse his rep gave in the wake of his behavior. Denise, on the other hand, was on Howard Stern and commented, “It’s been a very eventful trip.”

The source also adds that the actor may be heading back to rehab saying, “He may do it as an out-patient, which is what he did last time.” Not that it helped.  “He’s been getting drunk,” said the insider. “He shouldn’t be drinking at all. He was wasted at a party a little while ago and a lot of people saw him. He even went home with a hot actress. Charlie hasn’t changed. He’s been partying like he did before he went to rehab.”

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