David Arquette Says He Cried After Post-Seperation Sex, Continues To Lose Mind


SOMEBODY STOP DAVID ARQUETTE! Doesn’t that man have any friends? Or family? Or a publicist? We are seriously thinking about stepping in ourselves (for a low, low fee!) to stop him from doing idiotic things like going back on Howard Stern and saying he cried after having sex while separated from wife Courteney Cox Arquette. Said David, “After the first girl I slept with … a few days later … I was, like, crying…It was the end of all the intimacy I shared with my wife. It was like a new thing. It was like … putting that away.” Strangely, boning a fist-fighting waitress couldn’t compare with “that emotional love that I always had with Court” following their 11 years of marriage. Hard to wrap your mind around, we know.

When Stern asked if Arquette was seeing other women, David coyly admitted that,”There’s some stuff happening,” then explained how he hooked up with some random Australian woman, despite being “still f***ing in love with my wife.” The whole episode seems like  one giant viral anti-drug campaign, as far as we’re concerned. Anti-drug or anti-marrying David Arquette. Either way, we have to teach our children early.

When asked if Courteney was sexing up her Cougar Town costar Brian Van Holt, Arquette got all vague and described Van Holt as “a cool guy … Any guy would be blessed to be with her. … I don’t have any hard feelings for anyone. This is life and we are just going through it publicly.” It’s only public because you keep going crazy and talking about it on the radio, David! Seriously, if someone had told us last month that we were going to have a David Arquette-induced stroke, we would have said, “Oh, I knew it.”

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