Did Justin Timberlake Cheat On Jessica Biel With Olivia Munn?


Has anyone ever believed in the longevity of Justin Timberlake‘s relationship with Jessica Biel? Er, not really. The couple is always under the radar and going their separate ways, which often leads to speculation that JT has a wandering eye. (How many times have we heard that he’s hooking up with Rihanna, caught with Kate Hudson or getting cozy with Mila Kunis? Often!)

Today, US Magazine is reporting yet another lady on the side, and this time they’re saying that Timberlake cheated with Olivia Munn, known recently for her work as a Daily Show correspondent . The magazine says the hookup was just a fling over the last weekend of September and that Justin wooed Munn in New York City after telling her that his relationship with Biel was over. Now that it seems Justin lied to her, and Munn feels used.

Timberlake’s people deny  that an affair occurred, but we’re torn. On the one hand, we want to believe Timberlake is the man of our dreams, whose talent, charm and faithfulness know no limits. On the other hand, he’s a 29-year-old unmarried guy who’s talent and charm know no limits: aren’t those usually key factors to being unfaithful?

Check out out giant gallery of Olivia Munn pics below!

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