Let’s All Pretend We’re Madeleine Stowe In 12 Monkeys: Time Traveler In Chaplin Film


Someone took a close look at Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film The Circus and found a woman walking with her hand to her head. So, since this is OUR TIME (Goonies) and it’s all about US, she must be talking on a cell phone, therefore, a time traveler, therefore, Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys, therefore, we’re all going to die from a massive pandemic, therefore, we are all Madeleine Stowe and must stop Brad Pitt and the Army of the 12 Monkeys (RED HERRING). Anyway, take a look:

Don’t you feel stupid. Remember when that woman was your patient in the psych ward and she told you that she was from the future and she was here to save the human race from certain destruction? And you thought she was insane? Now, irrefutable proof of her in 1928, walking down the street, with a cell phone, surrounded by animals, just like in 12 Monkeys. I wonder what sort of service AT&T had back then.

Via Buzzfeed and a tip from a helpful Twitter follower

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