Is There Anything That Katy Perry’s Breasts Can’t Do?


Katy Perry is an American pop singer who didn’t achieve fame because of her vocal chops, but rather because she has a glorious rack and is not afraid to flaunt it. Earlier this year, in the video for her song “California Gurls,” this happened:

Then, when Katy Perry’s breasts appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, she redefined the meaning of Tickle Me Elmo for an entire generation:

Now, she has a brand new video for her inspirational ballad with a pop twist, “Firework.” One question remains: How will her breasts top themselves THIS time?

Forget the metaphor, it’s time for Katy Perry’s breasts to get LITERAL up in here! Yep, that’s right, her breasts have gotten an upgrade straight out of a Michael Bay fever dream and now have the ability to shoot fireworks out of them on a moment’s notice!

What would YOU like to see shoot out of Katy Perry’s breasts in her next music video? Let us know!

[Thanks, GIF Party, COED Magazine and The Daily What. Oh, and of course, the handsome Pete Schultz.]

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